Discovery Assessments


Self awareness is the first step. These assessments will help you get to know you even better. 
Grit Quiz

§Angela Duckworth created this test to find out how ‘gritty’ you are. No judgement here - just figuring out where to improve.

Give and Take Quiz

§Adam Grant claims that everyone balances tendencies to be a Giver or Taker in our relationships. This assessment helps you determine where you fall on the scale – and provides suggestions how to move if you don’t like your answer.

Tony Robbin’s DISC Assessment

The DISC is a personality strengths test designed to give you insight into your response patterns in different situations.

The 5 Love Languages

§Find out the way you communicate love and fill your love tank. Although this speaks pointedly to individuals in a romantic relationship, the principals extend to all of our relationships.

16 Personalities Test

§This personality test is one of the best ways to self-assess how you process the world.

Originals Quiz

§We all have novel ideas we want to pursue – but only Originals act. Professor Adam Grant is back again with a way to find out how you stack up!

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