“I was new to our program this fall, and redefining our culture, especially in the gym was a big priority for us to find success in the transition.  We took a risk bringing in someone that I had never met, but who had made a strong connection and influence on one of our players.  We had Sebastian on campus with us for two and a half days during preseason and spent a significant amount of time identifying who we wanted to be as a program, what that did and did not look like, defining our core covenants and action plan, leadership, and the mental side of the game.  The energy, enthusiasm, and passion that Sebastian worked with was contagious, and it inspired our team to truly trust the process and own our core covenants as we went through our transition. The few sessions that touched on the mental side of the game were presented in a significantly different way than I had been exposed to in my 10 plus years of coaching, and many of his concepts were easy to put into practice, competition, and our regular daily routine.  We wish we had more time with him and look to bring him back again in the upcoming seasons.  Sebastian is someone who can relay all of the important pieces of athletics that are crucial to any team’s success and culture, and is someone who can have a significant and profound impact on each of your student-athletes and your program as a whole.”


~Jeanne Czipri – Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Central College (Iowa)

“Our program was coming off a year where we lost six games by one run and I was looking for a different approach and voice to teach the importance of the mental side of baseball. Sebastian came in and infused energy, enthusiasm and engaged with our guys like he knew them his whole life. His knowledge and techniques helped our players and coaches tremendously and we've had our most successful season in ten years! Sebastian work is a huge part of the reason why and I'd recommend him to all teams!”


~Brian Hayden – Head Baseball Coach, Guilford High School

"Sebastian Little has been an invaluable resource for our coaching staff and student-athletes. We have expert resources at Southern specific to strength training, nutrition, academic advisement, mindfulness…I wanted to bring in an expert on maximizing mental performance. Sebastian was the perfect fit. We have seen more togetherness, resiliency and positivity from our student-athletes because of Sebastian’s influence. He personalized and provided actionable structure to our core values at the perfect time. Sebastian has rewarded our trust with tangible results…any reservation about adding him to our support staff was quickly eliminated. He is intelligent, inventive, trustworthy and receptive to new ideas and concepts. Sebastian has made in-person visits with us over the course of nearly a year and is available to our staff and all student-athletes at nearly any time. In one of our first team meetings with Sebastian, I challenged him…I asked if he was going to be willing and able to follow through with all his initiatives. HE HAS EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS and has done more than what he said he would do. Put simply, he is invested. He cares. He’s very good at what he does. He has made our program better. He has made me better. I highly recommend Sebastian to anyone that is looking to maximize the programming they provide to members of their team. BRING THE JUICE!”

~Adam Cohen – Head Women's Soccer Coach, Southern Connecticut State University

“We met with Sebastian 4 times, and in those sessions my girls learned about all the things that coaches often forget to teach. We spoke about how to communicate like a leader, how to cope and get past failure, how to be the best “me”, and how to build a strong championship culture. As a team we spoke and established our core values as family. Our team finished 27-0 with the best record and team in school history. We won our division championship, our conference championship and, for the first time in school history, we won the LL State Championship. We were also chosen for 2016 Team of the Year in the state of Connecticut. There is no doubt that we could not have done this without the help and guidance of Sebastian.”


~Kristine Botto Drust – Head Softball Coach, Cheshire High School Rams

“One thing that I really focused on, as well as others, that changed in my game was the mental part and the mental relaxation. All sports, especially baseball, are frustrating sports, but we cannot be physically at our best if we are not mentally at our best. So because I learned this and believed it, I tried to mentally perform at my best. This is where the visualization before games came into play as well as all of the breathing exercises and self-check of signal lights.”


~Senior Cheshire High School Baseball Player ‘16

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