Coaching Principles

coaching leadership performance sport team culture Jan 08, 2024

Today, someone asked me about my coaching 'rules'...

For nearly 2 years, I wrote four bullets at the top of every client's note that kept my guiding principles top of mind.

Note: These are notes to self if you're wondering who I'm yelling at 😂

1️⃣ Slow Down!

This coaching thang is not about giving orders or barking commands. Instead, it's about helping people find their own way and grow at their own pace. Ain't nobody in a rush. Actually, for many folks, the session is the only time your clients are NOT in a rush. So, kindly... Slow down 🙃

2️⃣ Lean Back

Coaching is not... nor will it ever be about you, the coach 🤗 and if the conversation is centered on the coach... it's not coaching. Reminder: Less Seb. Oh... and physically... drop your shoulders back and stop hunching over. Pull up your pants and do the rock away 🎶

3️⃣ Bounce

Just like Serena and Venus have been doing for years... the best question is often the one that comes on the back of their answers. Play conversational tennis and be present with what shows up.

4️⃣ Be BOLD

Say the thing that will get you fired. Part of coaching is about being bold and taking risks. Don't be afraid to try new things or experiment with different approaches. How can you push the boundary of possibility with your client?

These 'rules' or 'principles' have been so important to me. They give me something to fall back on when relationships or situations are uncertain.


Q: What are your coaching or leadership principles?

Sounds boring... but really... What do you fall back on when relationships or situations are uncertain? Because when sh*t hit's the fan, it's anything but boring.

Application & Reflection

What are some of your personal or professional principles? I'd love to hear some others in the comments.

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