Free Resources

You asked? We delivered.

Below are some of my favorite resources to share with clients and colleagues. 

Coaches & Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Coach's Client Dashboard

An all-in-one CRM and notes organizer designed for coaches. It may help streamline your onboarding process as you continue to add folks into your practice.


Value of Coaching Tool

Serves as a reminder for coach and client alike about the exponential potential that exists in the conversation between them. Feel free to copy, brand and make it your own. 


Amazing Feature

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Pricing Reference Sheet Template

Simple document designed to support you in setting and holding a clear pricing structure. Great for those who completely blank when they say their price :) 



iOS | Individual Operating System

An individual operating system, or iOS, is an internal ‘compass’ you can reference when your external ‘map’ or path is unclear. A starting place for your iOS that provides some prompts and structures to get you rollin'. 


High-Performing Athletes

Performance Optimization Profile

An internal 'game plan' athletes can use when feeling overwhelmed by external pressures. You can customize it based on your strengths, weaknesses, and core beliefs. It provides insight into what drives you as an athlete and individual.


Student-Athlete Academic Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard that helps athletes organize their classes, track notes, and monitor academic milestones. It's useful for managing studies while being a student athlete.


High-Performing Habits Worksheet 

Ever wonder what the best in the world are doing and how they do it? This printable worksheet pulls together the top habits of high-performing athletes into a checklist.